Danses country en ligne :

video Crazy what a song can do
 Light up the sky
video Makes me wonder
video Devil
video Dim the lights
video 'Till you can't
video Dancing in the country
video 1 2 Snap
video Country Touch
video Till we meet again
video Storm and stone
video Mama & me (28/02/2023)
video Tourist (14/03/2023)
video 5'clock dance (28/03/2023)
video 3 Tequila floor (02/05/2023)
video Road to Errogie (30/05/2023)
video W're Good to go (13/06/2023)

Danses Partner :

video Wannabes with you
video All over again
video Knockin' 2 boots
video We're livin' that good life
video Cross country
video Whiskey and Rain
video Love is real
video Waste it for two (03/01/2023)
video We oughta know (31/01/2023)
video Nobody leaves a girl (28/02/2023)
video 2 many love songs (14/03/2023)
video Memory lanes (02/05/2023)
video 2 Blue suede boots (16/05/2023)
video Wish you were the one (06/06/2023)

Danses Line en ligne:

video Bad Habits
video Ram Pam Pam
video Starlights
video Bare my soul
video Groovy love
video Fingers crossed
video Portland cha
video Irish boots
video Flaws (12/01/2023)
video Never Gonna Not Dance (02/02/2023)
video 6's to 9's (02/03/2023)
video Break into my heart (16/03/2023)
video Dirty radio (30/03/2023)
video Love grows (13/04/2023)
video Someone to you (01/06/2023)
video W're Good to go (08/06/2023)